Surround Your Home and Business with High-Quality Fencing in the Haddonfield Area

No matter where you live, it's the priority of both homeowners and business owners to protect their assets, privacy, and families the best way possible. One of the easiest ways to create protection at your home or office is by installing a sturdy, high-quality fence.

That's where Superior Fence and Railing comes in! We have built a reputation as one of the most reliable fencing contractors in Haddonfield Jersey. We want to take care of all of your fencing needs. Whether you want a security fence, privacy fence, or a beautiful entryway and gate. Check out all of the wonderful options we have to offer!

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Our online form will start the process for you to get a free estimate on your new fence, or just give us a call! Either way, we provide an easy way for property owners in Haddonfield Jersey, to have your fence line measured and compare materials, styles, and prices. Take the first easy step to get a quote today!

Follow 3 Simple Steps to Buy a Fence in Haddonfield Jersey

Purchasing a fence in Haddonfield is easy when you follow these three steps. Check out our available options for the Haddonfield area and then create the best fence for your yard or property. The expert fence installers at Superior Fence and Railing are here to answer your questions and help you plan, so give us a call today!

Buying a Haddonfield fence - Step 1

Our Selection of Quality Fence Materials

Our website showcases our variety of available fence materials, so the first thing you can do is browse our site to see what you are drawn to. There are pros and cons to each type of fence and knowing what you need for your space will help you choose the most suitable fence for your individual needs. Our team installs residential and commercial fencing in aluminum, wood, chain link, vinyl, ornamental steel, and temporary fencing.

Buying a Haddonfield fence - Step 2

Your Perfect Fence

Once you know what your fence needs are and have a material in mind, you probably will want to know if it will fit your budget. Contact us with any questions you may have about the cost, financing, and installation of your fence project.

When you choose Superior Fence and Railing you can rest easy knowing that we will help you find the best fence for your needs and budget.

Buying a Haddonfield fence - Step 3

Professional Installation

Once you have chosen your fence and have your final estimate, it's time for installation! Our skilled fence installers are ready to bring your Haddonfield dream fence into reality!

Haddonfield Jersey Pinterest Board

Haddonfield Jersey Pinterest Board

Explore our Pinterest board for Haddonfield Jersey.

Do you love using Pinterest to inspire you to improve your home or business inHaddonfield? You're in luck! We created a board specifically for Haddonfield area residents and business owners who may be looking for a new fence or other projects to spruce up their property.

Browse through our many pins for ideas on fences, interesting information about the Haddonfield area in general, and even see photo pins of our favorite fence and outdoor projects we've completed around town.

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Talk to an Expert

Chat with our friendly, expert team members about ideas for your fence project and get your questions answered as well! We are here to help you find the perfect fence for your property!

Haddonfield Jersey privacy fencing

Haddonfield JerseyPrivacy Fences

We have the best selection of privacy fences in Haddonfield Jersey. Come see for yourself the variety of styles and options available to shield your outdoor spaces from the public eye.

Haddonfield JerseyWood Privacy Fences

Wood fences can be installed around various residential and commercial places for privacy. Depending on the type of wood fence you choose, your yard can look either more traditional or modern. You can also choose the height and decide on the style and decorative options that complement the look of your property.

Haddonfield Wood Privacy Fencing

Haddonfield JerseyVinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl fences are an excellent choice for use as privacy fences since the closed panel design will block visibility. Vinyl fences are made of a strong, flexible material that lasts a long time and doesn't need much maintenance. You can add post toppers to make your vinyl fence more welcoming and unique.

Haddonfield Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Haddonfield JerseyChain Link Fences With Privacy Slats

Adding colored vinyl slats to a chain link fence will make your property more private without breaking the bank. A commercial property that needs to block equipment or a less appealing area from view will benefit from this kind of fence. Privacy slats will also restrict visibility for residential properties if that's your goal.

Haddonfield Chain Link Fencing

Wood Fence Designs in Haddonfield Jersey

The allure of wood fences is undeniable for residents in Haddonfield NJ. The range of styles offered by Superior Fence and Railing means that every homeowner can find a design that seamlessly matches their home's character and look.

Wood fence styles that are popular in Haddonfield NJ
Haddonfield NJ Shadowbox style wood fence

Shadowbox Wood Fences

The shadowbox wood fence is appealing from every angle. Its alternating board placement on either side of the rail offers a design that looks great on both sides. This dual appeal of the shadowbox fence allows homeowners to enjoy a blend of utility and style.

Haddonfield NJ stockade style wood fence

Stockade Wood Fences

A classic choice, the wood stockade fence offers traditional appeal. Designed by setting wood slats closely together, this style creates a solid, private wall. This design ensures optimal seclusion, emerging as a favorite for those desiring an undisturbed backyard or a private space anywhere on the premises.

Haddonfield NJ cap and trim style wood fence

Cap & Trim Wood Fences

With their clean lines and traditional design, these fences add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any property. The cap and trim feature, where a horizontal board is placed on top of the vertical panels, not only adds visual interest but also helps to protect and preserve the fence from weather elements.

Haddonfield NJ horizontal style wood fence

Horizontal Wood Fences

Aligning with contemporary architectural styles, the horizontal wood fence is seeing increased popularity. This design employs lateral boards rather than the traditional vertical alignment, providing an alternative appearance to traditional wood fences. Especially suitable for contemporary homes, it's a fine blend of classic and modern styles.


Choose Professional Fence Installation
From Superior Fence and Railing

Work with a top-rated fence installation team in the Haddonfield area! Our installers are trained and ready to help!

Haddonfield Jersey Professional Fence Installation

Haddonfield JerseyProfessional Fence Installation

Whether your fence project is big or small, we deliver the highest quality service in Haddonfield. Our professional installers use only the most reliable methods and industry standards to install your fence, no matter which material or style you choose. You can count on the professionals at Superior Fence and Railing to build you a great fence that lasts!

Haddonfield JerseyDIY Fence Installation

If you would prefer to install your own fence at your Haddonfield property, no problem! We have helped many DIY'ers plan their own Haddonfield fencing projects.

Even if you plan on installing your new fence yourself, we can help you measure and plan your fencing project. We can deliver the fence to your Haddonfield location. We can even give you some expert tips on how to make sure your fence is installed properly and will last you a long time.

We're Here to Help!

When you have questions, our team of experts at Superior Fence and Railing is glad to walk you through the process. Simply reach out by phone or online and connect with us right away.

We Have Your Fence, For Your Home or Your Business!

Homeowners and business owners in Haddonfield have turned to Superior Fence and Railing to provide great fencing solutions at a great price for many years. Whether you are looking for Residential Fencing or Commercial Fencing, you can be sure that we have a great solution for you that will meet your budget and will provide years of protection.

Haddonfield Jersey residential fencing company

Haddonfield Jersey Residential Fences

Without an extensive range of premium residential fencing options and expert installation, we could not have built our local reputation as the top fence company in the Haddonfieldarea. We offer a wide range of choices, styles, and hues, from traditional to modern and everything in between. Whether you want total privacy, increased security, or a gorgeous border around your property, we have residential fence options that will be perfect for your Haddonfield NJ location.

Haddonfield Residential Fencing
Haddonfield Jersey commercial fencing company

Haddonfield Jersey Commercial Fences

Superior Fence and Railing has the answer if your company needs sturdy, long-lasting, and attractive fencing. In the Haddonfield area, our company provides a wide range of commercial fencing options, such as chain link, aluminum, ornamental steel, vinyl, and wood. Contacting the experts at Superior Fence and Railing can quickly and cost-effectively help you achieve your goals of protection, security, and a sharp appearance.

Haddonfield Commercial Fencing

5 Types of Fences to Install in Haddonfield Jersey

Superior Fence and Railing offers residents a wide variety of fence styles for multiple purposes. Browse our selection of Aluminum Fences, Vinyl Fences, Chain Link Fences, and Wood Fences, and Ornamental Steel Fences today!

Haddonfield NJ Aluminum Fences

Haddonfield JerseyAluminum Fences

Celebrated for their minimalist charm and elegance, aluminum fences elevate any property's curb appeal.

Haddonfield NJ Chain Link Fences

Haddonfield JerseyChain Link Fences

Prioritizing utility, chain link fences are a go-to for those seeking a straightforward fencing solution.

Haddonfield NJ Vinyl Fences

Haddonfield JerseyVinyl Fences

Durable by nature, vinyl fences complement diverse property styles with their range of designs.

Haddonfield NJ Wood Fences

Haddonfield JerseyWood Fences

Symbolizing tradition and adaptability, they provide a natural aesthetic that can be tailored to individual preferences.

Haddonfield NJ Ornamental Steel Fences

Haddonfield JerseyOrnamental Steel Fences

Merging elegant design with durability, ornamental steel fences make for a striking addition to any property.

Get A Free Fence Quote

No-risk, no-obligation fence quotes are just a click away by submitting an online inquiry form. If you own a property in Haddonfield Jersey, and are in need of a fence, check out this helpful feature to get the answers you need, or just give us a call!

Each installation is done with the utmost care, using only the best products that are hand-selected and offering top-notch service and our fences and gates come with a two-year workmanship guarantee. Superior Fence and Railing, we believe it is our responsibility to stand behind our work!

You can request a free estimate by contacting us via our website or by calling our office! We will answer any questions you might have. You can also schedule an in-person estimate. We are here to make your fence project as easy as possible!

We use professional-grade aluminum, wood, steel, vinyl, and chain-link fences and each type of fence has a range of styles and features that you can customize to suit your Haddonfield property and needs perfectly. Explore the fence types we have on our website and reach out to our team who loves to help each customer design and plan their fence. There are so many options, you're sure to find more than one you'll love!

All of our fence and gate installations include a two-year workmanship warranty. Additionally, many of our manufacturers offer their own warranties on their fence materials to give you peace of mind. Give our friendly staff a call for specific product information!

This is entirely dependent upon your needs for your Haddonfield fence, your design objectives, and how you want your yard to look once your fence is installed. If you want complete privacy, we recommend wood or vinyl. These fences provide the highest level of security and privacy while producing an aesthetically pleasing and functional final product. Wood fences are an excellent choice because they are natural, versatile, and can be painted or stained to fit almost any style. Vinyl fences are great because they are long-lasting and require little maintenance. Speak with one of our knowledgeable installers to weigh your options and get started right away!

Haddonfield Fencing Gallery

Witness our dedication to quality through the fences we've designed and installed for the Haddonfield Jersey community, spanning both residential and commercial spaces. Delve into our gallery for a broader perspective on our expertise. Eager to see more? Contact us today!

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